Three of the best Dewa 19 videos

Over the years, Dewa 19 have been one of the most consistently popular rock outfits to have emerged from Indonesia. Here is our run-down of some of the band's YouTube highlights.dewa indonesia
If you don't already have this superb album in your collection, then here is the next best thing. By going to YouTube you can click on a link that contains the entire album. Already watched by nearly 200,000 site users, the 1995 release was both critically and audience-acclaimed. Lasting for 47 minutes and 34 seconds, set your YouTube channel to play in the background, perhaps through connected speakers, and you can enjoy listening to one of Indonesia's most talented rock exponents. There are no slideshows or movies showing in the background, but that's because the full album is there to be listened to. If you want to make a montage of separate Dewa 19 videos, that's up to you.
Kamulah Satu Satunya
With 210,000 YouTube hits, this video epitomizes the ‘good times' vibe of the band. The track itself is seriously upbeat, with catchy hooks and harmonies that are guaranteed to bring a smile anyone's lips. The upbeat rock track definitely has a hint of US alt country to it, from the jangly rhythm guitars to the ‘oohs' and ‘aahs' in the backing vocals. There's even a checked shirt in evidence as Dewa 19 jam their song from a stage, inspiring various couples to get up and dance. A delicious guitar riff sweeps the song along to its climax just short of four minutes. In many ways, a perfect slice of Indonesian pop.
Pandawa Lima
Here the band's 1995 album is available to be listened to in its entirety. Lasting for 50 effortlessly cool minutes, the opening track, Kirana, is a delicious slice of laid-back middle-of-the-road rock, where a steady rhythm is attacking by jarring power chords and tremolo-effects on the guitars. The melody itself floats along on this sold base, working towards choruses that are augmented by keyboards. This is definitely the sound of a band firing on all cylinders, with catchy music that would fit so many different scenarios – film soundtracks, commercials, open-air festivals. A special mention must go to the lead vocals, which really carry the song with a strident melody.
Track two, Aku Disini Untukmu, starts off with an insistent acoustic guitar riff, punctuated with keyboard notes, and augmented by a slightly off-key melody. By the time the chorus comes along, the band have settled into a more conventional rocky outlook. Other highlights include the ultra-groovy Suara Alam, which even has some ‘jungle sound effects' going on in the background! The music is a power ballad that is absolutely perfect for summer music festivals. Crashing chords with a touch of wah-wah on the guitar help to create the perfect feel-good vibe. This track demonstrates exactly why Dewa 19 have been so phenomenally successful in their home country of Indonesia, and far beyond.
With so many good tunes it is nigh on impossible to select a stand-out track – this will be down to personal taste. The album closes as it began, with a gently uplifting country rock piece, entitled Kamulah Satu-Satunya. You'll be left with a warm glow long after you've finished listening to this remarkable album on YouTube.
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