The best Netral videos on YouTube

One of Indonesia's premier bands, a great way to get to know Netral's dark but mesmerizing blend of modern rock is to check out their YouTube videos. Garuda Di Dadaku 2 is one of the best you can tap into on the search engine of the world's most popular music video site.Gibson Les Paul
With over 100,00 hits, Director Angga Dwimas Sasongko's short film of this track is proving a consistent target for Netral's legion of followers. The central theme of the video is football, and this proves to be a strong allegory for music itself. Just as a soccer contest involves skill, athletic flair, passion and speed, the driving rock soundtrack is itself a pulsating force. The dexterous fretboard skills perfectly complement the young athletes performing wonders on the football arena.
The video opens with a ‘group huddle', the moment that precedes many football matches when the team gather in a circle, heads bowed, in order to strengthen their common bonds and shared ambition. This is definitely apt for the music to follow. The track itself commences with its own version of a communal ‘huddle' – the bass, guitar and drums kicking off in perfect synchronization, united by a common goal to entertain.
As Netral get into the groove, the camera pulls back to reveal banks of television screens behind the drummer. This is interwoven with a big soccer encounter. Again, we can see where the director is making the connection between the two events. Both activities have the potential to bring together eager hordes of fans. If a camera were to pan a gathering of young people baying enthusiastically, unless you were party to what they were actually looking at you would never be able to tell the difference. The passion of the rock fan and the passion of the football devotee are simply two sides of the same coin.
At 1:10 the action takes an interesting twist as we see the video's young protagonist getting into his training regime, his face the picture of determination. Whether he's rushing through back alleys en route to his lift to the training ground, or he's struggling along with all his teammates to keep up with the intensive coaching sessions, his spirit shines through. What makes us truly appreciate the intensity of what he's putting himself through is when the director cuts back to the band. The lead guitar is relentless, the notes from a beautiful-looking Gibson Les Paul singing from the amp stacks. The rhythm section is particularly good at what they do, with the drums and solid bass-lines driving the track; just as the young soccer star's laced-up boots propel him along the pitch towards the goal line.
At 1:52 the music breaks down from the main riff to a shifting instrumental. The tension builds in the video as various dramas occur. The central character's team is losing a crucial game; he falls out with various people, including the coach, then tears off his captain's arm band. Reflecting this turn of events, the televisions behind the band shatter metaphorically. But a martial drumbeat accompanies the boy as he leads his team onto the arena, the bass player pounding his own chest with his fist to symbolize the power of the moment. Young fans congregate around the stadium, proudly brandishing the national Indonesian red and white flags, urging their team to victory.
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