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Ten 2 five

Since 2004, Ten 2 Five have been an Indonesian alternative acoustic act singing in both Indonesian and English. The unique name originates from a routine band practice that took place every Saturday between 10am and 5pm as the band were starting out. While a few members have dropped out of the band since then, the group is still going strong and releasing new music.

Imel, the vocalist and leader of the group, is well renowned for her clean, mellow and melodic melody lines which take on a soft and relaxing bluesy tone. The rest of the members contribute to a very soft and relaxing ambient sound with minimal percussion, a prominent focus on soft jazz guitar with gentle blues colouring and suspended notes, and of course everything highlighting Imel's perfect vocals.
Their first album, “I Will Fly” was released in 2004 on Explosive Records, and, after only a few months, received a Golden Globe Award later that year after successfully selling more than 75,000 tapes and 17,000 CDs. At the end of the year, they were also awarded the AMI Award for the Best New Artist and for the Best Song in a Foreign Language. In 2005, they went on to write the soundtrack for Me vs. High Heels and performed as a cameo in the film. They also snagged up the AMI aware for the Best Song in a Foreign Language at the end of that year for their song “You”, making it the second consecutive year that they held that status.
Since then, the group have released a number of albums and have undergone many different lineup changes, the most recent being the resignation of Teguh, the keyboard player, who decided to pursue other projects. One particular highlight of their career was the album “I Love Indonesia”, released in 2010, which features eight regional songs and one spiritual islamic song. This saw the band move away from their usual work as they celebrated their culture and roots, moving away from English and into Indonesian. The album picked up two AMI awards for Best Locally Produced Song and for Best Band with Jazz Vocals.
In 2012, the band released the album “Journey” which is a collection of their best work between 2004 and 2012, including two never before heard songs. This album gives an excellent cross section of all their work and features music in both Indonesian and English. This incorporates a more upbeat style with a full band and combines traditional influences with lively funk and dance music.
While Ten 2 Five keep on releasing fantastic music, it is very hard to ignore a few standout songs from their back catalogue. “You”, which picked up an AMI award for Best Song in a Foreign Language and has over 4.5million listens on Spotify, is a very soft, melancholic acoustic piece which features just vocals and two acoustic guitars, percussively lightly tapping the strings between chords to create a soft pulse under Imel's hauntingly beautiful melody lines, dripping with emotion. “I Will Fly”, the title track for their first album which also picked up an AMI award and has over 2.5million listens on Spotify, is a full band effort with some relaxed, clean funk style guitar, gentle drum beats and layered vocals. This was remade as a much more raw and stripped back song for the “Journey” album, reminiscent of the style of “You”. “Aku Ada Rahasia”, which translates as “I have a secret”, is not so much a popular song, but inspired Indonesian novelist Yennie Hardiwidjaja to write a book.
With all of the lineup changes, it is hard to know where the group intend to go next, but whatever direction they take, we can expect some beautiful, show stopping, soulful melodies from Imel and some relaxing and stripped back jazzy blues music from one of Indonesia's most award winning groups. Now on GP records, Indonesian Records Label with more than 10,000 songs | Rinni Wulandari | Five Minutes | Seventeen | Melinda | Mulan | Dewa 19 and many more.


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