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The YouTube video for the song by Indonesian band d'Massiv, 'Sudahi Perih Ini' has been seen by 8 million viewers. One reason for its popularity is that rather than simply being an accompaniment to the music, the footage tells a story. As the track unfolds, there is a moment of drama that contrasts very well with the delicate nature of the instrumentation. It seems obvious that we are witnessing the demise of a relationship, with a girl shrugging off the advances of her partner.

Be slow but consistent drumbeat keeps a regular rhythm while the guitar picks out some simple, sustained notes. Against this plaintive backdrop vocal comes in with a wistful melody. While the story of regret continues, we see the female again, this time obviously packing her personal belongings away. As she heads for the exit, bag nonchalantly slung over her shoulder, the despondent man perched at the end of the bed reaches out one last time. For a little longer this time, but eventually breaks away to continue her escape. The video is perfectly synchronized with the band footage, because at that precise moment when he lets go of her, the music begins gathering momentum, the action switching from the storyline to footage of d'Masiv.
The walls that have somehow been constructed in this relationship are given a metaphorical twist. As the accompanying melody becomes ever stronger, we see the male protagonist again, this time dressed in a crash helmet and uniform, and surrounded by riot police shields deployed for some civil disturbance. As clouds of tear gas part we see his former girlfriend materializing, surrounded by various fellow demonstrators brandishing placards. Amongst their banners are ecological slogans about saving the planet and resisting climate change, as well as messages about stopping cruelty to animals and general abuse of the environment. The girl marches right up to the row of shields while the riot policeman can only watch her, torn between his duty and his feelings.
There is another flashback to their previous life, where they are obviously having issues. This cuts back to the faces of both, from either side of the wall of riot shields, their expressions consumed with regret. An effective tool here is that the vocals of the song are spoken by the man in riot police gear. While the girl gazes on, someone amongst the other demonstrators wraps his arm around her shoulder – although she is obviously still pining a little for her former boyfriend?
Eventually the stand-off reaches a point where the police must have received orders to clear the streets. Visors are flipped down and they charge into action, truncheons at the ready, while fire and smoke fill the screen. While the action gets messy, with people milling around barbed wire, the music reaches a crescendo, soaring into a powerful guitar solo.
The male protagonist removes his helmet and rushes to the girl's aide as she is roughed up by another policeman. But he can only watch from the ground as she is led away.
The fact the story does not have a happy ending is one of its strengths. d'Massiv are all about making passionate music, with strong lyrical statements, not clichéd rock videos that are merely a tool for selling a band's music. If you need more head over to The bands official site.
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