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Liberty and Victorynidji indonesia performance
The official music video for Liberty and Victory is certainly a suitably inspiring anthem for any football club. Manchester United have a massive fan base, not just in England and other parts of the UK, but right across the globe. Nowhere is this support more fanatical than in the Far East, which is why a dynamic band like Nidji are perfect to perform this rousing slice of pop rock.
Singing in English, there are clips of the band playing their instruments inside the players' tunnel leading to the hallowed pitch of Old Trafford in Manchester. The action is interspersed with shots of United footballers showing off their silky skills at ‘keepy up', and at one point vocalist Giring Ganesha performs as an airline pilot! The band also clearly relish donning the famous ‘red devil' football shirts as they sing along, while stars of the United first team like England internationalist Wayne Rooney look on, grinning enthusiastically.
‘Take me down to your victory, I don't know what you did to me tonight, I'll be happy to fight for love', goes the adamant chorus, coupled with impassioned verse lyrics along the lines of ‘ride the ocean's tide of life'. Amongst the other footage on the video are the band performing the tarck, surrounded by adoring fans, on the top of an open-deck bus. At the song's conclusion the band members stride out of the tunnel into the vast arena of Old Trafford stadium, fists clenched high in the air. The legend superimposed on the film states: ‘No room for average. No settling for second best. No compromise'. As this fades out, there is a clip of the fanatical fans inside the ground chanting ‘Glory glory Man United'.
Bila Aku Jatuh Cinta
The video for this melodic pop song showcases the band's more sensitive side. A simple verse is strummed on acoustic guitar, floating along, occasionally dipping into minor chords that provide the perfect counterbalance. The video itself consists of a collage of shots featuring heartfelt vocals, set against a backdrop of a mysterious attractive girl.
At 2:36 the track suddenly hits a climax, as the guitar spirals off into a punchy solo, while the rest of the instrumentation provides a series of harmonies. At this point the film shows, variously, kids playing with fireworks, then a couple on a bus who are clearly going through some sort of emotional issues – which are resolved, as the girl's sombre expression dissolves into a smile while she accepts her boyfriend's hand.
This YouTube video has already amassed 835,000 hits.
Taken from their phenomenally successful ‘Top Up' album, Birlah clearly demonstrates the band's debt to English alt rockers Coldplay. Driven by piano chords, the vocals surge towards impassioned peaks. The band footage is filmed with spotlights soaring behind, creating silhouettes. The effective storyline of the accompanying video shows a young couple, and when the boy dons headphones, the backing track dips accordingly, cementing the music to the narrative of the video. This persists as he lifts up then puts his headphones back on. Obviously the song has some deeper significance for him. This is an emotion that has also struck a chord with Nidji's audience, as over one million viewers have latched onto this video.
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