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Ever since Kotak's members were first spotted on an Indonesian TV talent show and named ‘The Dream Band' they have made its their sole purpose to entertain. Since that moment in 2004 they have recorded increasingly catchy and commercially successful records.kotak band indonesia
If you want to check them out, a great place to start is to look their videos posted on the web sensation that is YouTube. Here is our selection of their most recommended video recordings.
Kecuali Kamu
Posted in October 2012, this four minutes 44 seconds video has gained a massive audience, accumulating 1.2 million hits. It commences with a swirling string section, setting the tone for the sophisticated music about to unfold. The camera pans in on singer Tantri, seductively lounging in a white dress against dark flooring inside a starkly decorated, contemporary-looking apartment.
As her sultry vocals continue, a vase shatters in reverse, and superimposed smoke effects drift across the action. In the background there are further images that seem to completely contrast with the steady melody of the song – smashed furniture floats around the room behind her. As she strolls past, a domestic scene is freeze-framed: a female apparently in the process of tipping a drink over her partner.
As she leaves the apartment, the music begins to build dramatically. We see that although she is dressed in virginal white, she is sporting large boots with stacked heels that look fairly imposing. The backdrop consists of a car, covered in autumn leaves and with a smashed windscreen, and various other objects captured in free-fall and frozen by the lens: cars, a random pedestrian and a grand piano.
When Tantri casually rests against the damaged car, it restores to its gleaming factory condition, as if she possesses some kind of magical touch. Likewise, with the same deft touch of her fingers, she reassembles the band's bassist, Chua.
The single itself is a strident example of Kotak's fiendishly clever way of splicing pure pop melodies with the dynamics of guitar and keyboard-driven rock music. The video itself as a cunning example of how a storyboard can be vividly brought to life via the imagination of a creative director. The theme of frozen aspects becoming animated continues, with Tantri strolling along past a house, saving groceries that suddenly tumble from an upended bag.
As Cella's guitars build up momentum, the song dramatically shifts key. The camera tracks through various fleeting images of fluid action that have been stopped dead, almost as if some unseen hand has been stabbing the ‘pause button' on a remote control.
This works extremely well with the narrative of this video. The images of people frozen in mid-air achieve an unnerving atmosphere. We don't know why this is happening. Sometime the effect is made doubly disturbing given the unnatural poses some of the protagonists are left in. At one point an attractive female is caught half-way through a dramatic backwards flip. Her serene expression could be one of bliss; or equally plausibly, death.
The vision of the guitar falling neatly into Cella's hands in time to perform the big solo in particularly effective. By the conclusion all the inanimate poses seem to have undergone a miraculous thaw, and the camera pans upwards, finishing on a high.

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