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Ya Ya YaGigi indonesia
The video for their single ‘Ya Ya Ya' has attracted around 1 million hits in YouTube. It illustrates their perfect blend of hard-edged guitars and fluid melodies. The film itself is very arresting, featuring the band playing live on the banks of some suitably industrial-looking docks. The typical ‘band being filmed' scenario is counterbalanced with a short film, containing unnerving images of a mysterious woman, her first appearance a striking high heel and slender ankle slithering out of a car door.
Gigi run through their infectious melodies against a backdrop of towering cranes. The track is powered by strong riffs, a solid rhythm section, and an extremely catchy chorus, and it pounds towards its climax, leaving the listener in no doubt they have been thoroughly entertained.
Gigi live at Java Rockin' Land 2013
Gigi's appearance at the open-air festival is captured here in its sun-soaked brilliance. Armand Maulana demonstrates his impressive vocal range, giving a heartfelt performance over Gigi's customary power rock base. The opening track benefits from a mix of solid Marshall stack-driven rhythm guitar, which allows Dewa Budjana to alternate between raucous chords and more delicate flanger-inspired melodies. Like many of their tracks, it slowly builds to a thundering climax. At various points the vocals dip out, leaving the crowd to supply the words they know so well.
The second track starts as more of a soft ballad, capturing Gigi's ability to create beautiful soundscapes, as well as gritty rock n' roll. However, it soon begins to gather momentum, keeping those thousands of expectant feet tapping. Dewa Budjana provides one of his memorable guitar solos, to give the tune a pleasant high point, before all the instruments come in to collide as the track accelerates to its powerful finale, stopping dead on one note.
Track three is more of an upbeat rocker, and if anyone in the crowd isn't bopping along by that point, they must have serious taste issues! The entire gig last for just under an hour, all faithfully captured here in the official Rockin' Land video. The concert has already gathered 81,000 hits and counting.
This song has been a sizeable hit for the Indonesian rockers. The video weaves images of the band performing the insanely catchy tune, featuring strident acoustic guitar and layers of strings, with suitably shots of seriously attractive young women who appear either seductive or threatening – sometimes both! When the guitar solo kicks in two-thirds of the way through, rather than a standard electric guitar job, we are treated to some sublte mandolin-style plucking by the maestro Dewa Budjana. This YouTube clip has inspired over a quarter of a million hits.
Bisa Saja
Sultry models in monochrome outfits strutting along a catwalk introduce Gigi's Bisa Saja number. As champagne flows into slick glasses and some playboy tempts his targets with trinkets and jewellery, Gigi play their ultra-catchy up-tempo rock classic, grooving to the sounds from a catwalk. Bassist Thomas Ramdhan is clearly relishing being back in the Gigi fold after a short three-year hiatus when the founding member departed. He bops to the groove in a white t-shirt emblazoned with ‘Stayin' Alive', which is exactly what this brilliant Indonesian band have been doing, despite various ups and downs, since their inception in 1994. So far Bisa Saja has accumulated half a million hits.


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